How to Get WorldVistA EHR

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WorldVistA EHR VOE 3.0 was released in 2018. Before this, in mid-2009, a dedicated group of workers had created a solidly functioning set of installers for WorldVistA EHR. Here is a situation overview from then-president K.S. Bhaskar of WorldVistA [1]:

The official web site for WorldVistA EHR is the WorldVistA web site. Links to downloads and installation instructions for the supported version of WorldVistA EHR can be found there. WorldVistA EHR 2.0 is the Meaningful Use 2011 certified version that is available for download.

The distribution point for the supported version of WorldVistA EHR is Source Forge

and the WorldVistA web site points you to the Source Forge site.

Astronaut WorldVistA auto-installer Suite (rpm/deb server, point-click .exe for clients)

Built on the release of WorldVistA EHR from Source Forge are distributions of repackaged software, sometimes with enhancements. Ignacio's Astronaut packages are an example. By way of analogy, the WorldVistA EHR distributions are like Linux kernels from whereas the redistributions are like GNU/Linux distributions from Debian, Red Hat, Ubuntu, etc.

New releases of WorldVistA EHR will appear on Source Forge, and will be announced on HardHats, as well as elsewhere.

With relative ease, the installers do a complete initial set up of a production-grade instance of the VistA server on a Linux platform, ready to connect to the CPRS front end.

Installing VistA is only the beginning; security, journaling, backup, replication, and failover all need to be addressed. Configuring it to improve user productivity is a lengthy and ongoing task. Here is some help: