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What is VistA?

VistA is a public domain electronic health record programmed by federal employees working for the US Department of Veterans Affairs (previously the Veterans Administration) over the past several decades. For more info, see this page.

What is RPMS?

RPMS is a public domain electronic health record that is used by the Indian Health Service (IHS). Prior to the 1980s it used a different architecture from VistA, but since the 80's it has shared a large amount of its architecture with VistA. For more info, see this page.

What is Vistapedia?

Vistapedia is a wiki for several varieties of the public domain versions of VistA and RPMS. Information about the integrated VistA installer called Astronaut is also contained within these pages.

This wiki covers installation, configuration, and usage of these VistA derivatives. It also serves as an introduction to the VistA Documentation Library for everyone outside the VA. In addition, current events, development advances, and other news about the flavors of VistA are posted here.

This wiki runs the same software as Wikipedia.

"Table of Contents"-like pages for this wiki

Versions of VistA

There are several versions of VistA that are used outside of the VA. (See this page for some introductory information regarding aspects of the different versions.)

  • vxVista (EPL licensed) (requires a proprietary Cache database) (Home) (Download)
    • vxVista can now be ported to run on the FIS GT.M platform as well. The instructions can be found here (external link).

(Other versions such as da Vinci Vista, VOE Vista, and Hui Vista no longer exist or are no longer maintained.)

VistA and the Web

Adapting VistA to web and mobile can be done using Enterprise Web Developer (EWD). EWD for VistA comes in the following forms:

Detailed Information

  • FAQ -- common Questions about VistA.
  • Usage -- start using VistA once it is successfully installed

Meaningful Use Stage 2

Meaningful Use Stage 2 Home Page

SMART Enabling VistA/WorldVistA EHR

SMART Enabling VistA Home Page

Topics in active development

Current events

Other content

Other resources

  • VistA enthusiasts and developers connect through the Hardhats Google Group. For more info, email: info at worldvista dot org.
  • Research Papers related to healthcare computing

To get access to Vistapedia, contact David Whitten ( whitten at ) through an e-mail, or phone 713 870 3834 to get an account.

Please send a contact telephone number with your e-mail, and/or have an e-mail address ready when you call. (I need both.) Please decide on your preferred User name and send it as well. We have provided a page for new users and their current status. Thank you.