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VistA is available form the United States Federal Government via a Freedom of Information Act request. The sourcecode that you get from this request is in the public domain, which means that it can be used for a product using any license. Here is a list of products based on VistA, what their licenses are and links to further information about them. The version of VistA that you can get directly from the Veterans administration is often called FOIA VistA to distinguish it from the other products on this list.

Product Description Who packages it? License
Astronaut Astronaut is a standards-based VistA installer with many enhancements for private sector use. It supports both OpenVistA and WorldVistA editions. Astronaut AGPL v3 for the installer, various for respective distributions.
VA VistA or FOIA VistA The version of VistA available directly from the United States Federal Government. This is the version that all of these other products are based on. Veterans Administration VistA Page public domain
RPMS Resource and Patient Management System is a fork of VistA within the Federal Government, used by Indian Health Services. IHS RPMS home page public domain
CHCS Consolidated Health Care System is a fork of VistA within the Federal Government, previously used by the Department of Defense. public domain
WorldVistA EHR WorldVistA EHRTM is an open source electronic health Record (EHR) based on the highly acclaimed VistA system of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The foundation for WorldVistA EHR was developed as part of the VistA-Office project, a collaborative effort funded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The overall goal of the VistA-Office EHR (VOE) project was to encourage the broader adoption and effective use of EHRs among physicians by making a robust, flexible EHR solution alternative available. After completion of the VOE project in March 2007, WorldVistA made additional enhancements and submitted WorldVistA EHR for certification by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology(CCHITSM). WorldVistA EHR, Version VOE/1.0 achieved full CCHITSM EHR WorldVistA GPL
vxVistA VistA Experts VistA or vxVistA is a set of DSS Electronic Health Record (EHR) product suites designed and built around the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA). VistA is a proven, robust EHR with documented patient care benefits. (copied from the DSS page on vxVista) vxVistA is CCHIT certified. DSS proprietary / Eclipse Public License
OpenVista OpenVista provides a robust commercial EHR framework that will enable healthcare providers to leverage the incredible innovations, talent, and billions of dollars invested in the VA's VistA system over more than 20 years, as well as Medsphere's four years of investment in tailoring VistA for use outside the VA and successfully deploying the results in several sites. Medsphere various open source licenses
VistA-Office VistA Office was sponsored by the CMS as a clinical version of VA VistA. Eventually it became WorldVistA EHR. WorldVista GPL