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EWD or Enterprise Web Developer is an Open Source Product on GT.M and Linux which is a complete system for developing Web-Based Systems which combine MUMPS in the background Database and Logical Structure with Browser-based Client GUI Interfaces. Systems developed with EWD separate the GUI Design of the User Interface and the Database and MUMPS programming logic of the system to provide the efficient development and modeling of complex data that has always characterized MUMPS systems, but now, finally with the GUI power of JavaScript and JavaScript Frameworks (open source too) of extJS and Sencha Touch and YUI on the front end.

www.MGateway.com is the main source for EWD and associated documentation and Many Thanks to Rob Tweed for this open source product and for support via the Google Group Enterprise Web Developer Community/https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!forum/enterprise-web-developer-community

Sam Habiel has detailed one installation process on this site: EWD Installation Guide.

Ignatio Valdez has created a debian installer, AstroVistA, which installs WorldVista along with EWD, GTM and Apache.

David Wicksell et. al. have created dEWDrop and made it available for download as a VMWare (or VirtualBox) Virtual Machine with Ubuntu Linux, all of VistA, EWD, GTM and other things configured and hopefully ready to run for development and training in EWD and GTM and VistA itself. It may be downloaded from www.FourthWatchSoftware.com.

EWD Components is a page that details the major working parts of EWD.

EWD Training Examples is an area of VistaPedia with multiple small examples of functioning EWD code to learn and modify for development exercises.

EWD Error Messages is a set of pages with searchable error messages which help to unravel the source of errors in EWD which can be a bit obscure to the uninitiated.