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This page uses the Historical meaning of the term "OpenVistA" VistA Trademark Issues

rpm and deb installers for gtm now exist

rpm here:, deb installer for now here:

Kevin T's Introduction

"O.K. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and find that inner peace. Now exhale and let's get started."

VistA is a complex software system designed in a modular fashion to meet a wide range of needs: everything from complete hospital systems, to individual outpatient clinics, and probably much more. So expect to take a bit of time learning the system and how it all fits together.

Currently, there is no installation wizard. Users will have to follow step-by-step instructions, and ask lots of questions.

A note of terminology: 1. Installation -- means getting the MUMPS programming language implementation setup on the system and all the VistA files copied to their proper locations on the operating system level, etc. 2. Configuration -- this means getting settings INSIDE VistA set up -- i.e. adding users, setting up clinics, institutions, scheduling parameters etc. etc.


Believe it or not, the 'experts' don't often bring systems online from the ground up. So its hard for them to remember all the steps needed to be successful. So if you can make the way easier for the next guy, please add to this wiki! Thanks

Here is a link to an older site I worked on when first working with VistA. It has a compilation of several installation guides. (Note to reader 7/28/2015: this link is obsolete and currently leads to a Rickroll)

Kevin Toppenberg, MD 4-2-2005

Notes from Bhaskar

Setting up GT.M and the environment (vs. configuring VistA itself)


You will need Xdialog on your PC for this approach.

Download an OpenVistA SemiVivA file from WorldVistA (either OpenVistA SemiVivA 0.4 or OpenVistA SemiVivA FOIA Gold 20050212), say to /Distrib/OpenVistA. The following will install GT.M and OpenVistA (replace the filename in the second line with appropriate name of downloaded file):

$ su -

$ tar zxvf /Distrib/OpenVistA/OpenVistASemiVivAFOIAGold20050212.tgz

Assuming your userid is "vista" as the normal user vista, execute:

$ /usr/local/OpenVistA/vista --install /home/vista/myVistA/OpenVistA

(or other desired location) and reply in the affirmative when you are prompted about creating directories. Subsequently, to run it, just execute:

/usr/local/OpenVistA/vista --run /home/vista/myVistA/OpenVistA

---K.S. Bhaskar

Script tweaks from Zimmer (Xdialog not required)

"zista", Modifications to Bhaskar's ../OpenVistA/vista install script

I have used this to "learn myself" a little more of the workings of Bash scripting.
The changes I have made 
  1. allow the script to run without X-Windows
  2. add a rundown function, for whatever that is worth,
  3. work with Xdialog's compatability mode,
          which lets the dialog calls look pretty in X-windows.

I hope that some of us will paste this into their OpenVistA directories and try it out.
Thanks in advance for any and all feedback.
# Install and run OpenVistA for the OpenVistA Vivum live CD.
# GT.M[TM] is assumed to be on the CD at /usr/local/gtm.
# OpenVistA distribution is assumed to be on the CD at /usr/local/OpenVistA.
# This script is placed in the public domain by K.S. Bhaskar
# And my changes are the same, of course.
# For demonstration purposes only, and not for production use.
# The user assumes all responsibility for using this script.
# Revision history
# 20040103  0.1   K.S. Bhaskar    Initial Creation
# 20040119  0.11  K.S. Bhaskar    Make mount command sudoXdialog.wrapper
# 20040122  0.12  K.S. Bhaskar    Remove mount command and require directories be mounted in advance
# 20040605  0.2   K.S. Bhaskar    Put all source files in one directory
# 20040627  0.3   K.S. Bhaskar    Default gtm_source and vista_source based on package defaults
# 20050305  0.31  K.S. Bhaskar    Default base install directory to $PWD

# 20050512  0.31z J.L. Zimmer     Converted from Xdialog to dialog with addition of Rundown and cosmetic tweaks
#				   See Xdialog documentation for Compatability Mode and installation of Xdialog.wrapper

# Default locations for GT.M and OpenVistA 
# Determine directory if none specifiedfor GT.M and OpenVistA

	if [ -z "$vista_source" ] ; then export vista_source=`dirname $0` ; fi
	if [ -z "$gtm_source" ] ; then export gtm_source=$vista_source/../gtm ; fi

# Set up GT.M environment & point to global directory.

. $gtm_source/gtmprofile
export gtmgbldir=$vista_source/g/mumps.gld

# Determine Action.

case $1 in
	--install) Action="Install (and run)" ;;
	--run) Action="Run" ;;
	--erase) Action="Erase" ;;
	--rundown) Action]="Rundown" ;;

	*)	if dialog --title "  OpenVistA   Startup   Menu  " --radiolist "    Select Action" 0 0 5 \
		"Install (and run)" "<directory> [entryref]" "" \
		"Run" "<directory> [entryref]" "on" \
		"Rundown" "" "" \
		"Erase" "<directory>" "" 2>/tmp/OpenVistA$$.tmp ;
		then Action=`cat /tmp/OpenVistA$$.tmp` ; rm -f /tmp/OpenVistA$$.tmp ; 
		else if [ -z "$action" ] ; then dialog --title "no Action selected" --msgbox "Cancelled.  Exiting Script..." 0 0 ; exit 1 ; fi

# Select a directory.  ( "$Action" )

	if [ -z "$2" ] ; then directory=~/ ; else directory=$2 ; fi

	dialog --title "  Select directory { $Action }  " --fselect $directory 0 0 2>/tmp/OpenVistA$$.tmp
	export vista_home=`sed 's/\/$//' /tmp/OpenVistA$$.tmp` ; rm /tmp/OpenVistA$$.tmp

	if [ -z $vista_home ] ; then dialog --title "no directory selected" --msgbox "Action Cancelled. Exiting..." 0 0 ; exit 1 ; fi

# For Run and Erase directory must exist; for Install OK to create if non existent.

case $Action in
		if ! [ -f "$vista_home/g/mumps.dat" ]
		then dialog --msgbox "$vista_home/g/mumps.dat does not exist.  Exiting..." 0 0 ; exit 1
	*)	if ! [ -d "$vista_home && -d $vista_home/o && -d $vista_home/r" ]
		then	if dialog --yesno "$vista_home and/or subdirectories don't exist.  OK to create?" 0 0
			then mkdir -p $vista_home/g $vista_home/o $vista_home/r
			else dialog --title "no to new directory" --msgbox "Installation Cancelled.  Exiting..." 0 0 ; exit 1
		else dialog --msgbox "Unable to create $vista_home and/or subdirectories.  Exiting..." 0 0 ; exit 1

# Ready to execute our Action.

case $Action in
	"Run")	export gtmroutines="$vista_home/o($vista_home/r) $vista_source/o($vista_source/r) $gtm_dist"
		cd $vista_home ; clear
		if [ -z "$3" ] ; then $gtm_dist/mumps -dir ; else $gtm_dist/mumps -run $3 ; fi
			Action="Rundown" 								# Offers rundown on the way out
		if dialog --title "ERASE" --yesno "about to delete $vista_home" 0 0
		then 	if ! `rm -rf $vista_home`
			then dialog --title "" --msgbox "Unable to delete $vista_home.  Exiting..." 0 0 ; exit 1
	"Install (and run)") 
		dialog --msgbox "Copying the database.  May take several minutes." 0 0 &
		gzip -d <$vista_source/g/mumps.dat.gz >$vista_home/g/mumps.dat
		export gtmroutines="$vista_home/o($vista_home/r) $vista_source/o($vista_source/r) $gtm_dist"
		if [ -z "$3" ] ; then $gtm_dist/mumps -dir ; else $gtm_dist/mumps -run $3 ; fi

case $Action in
		if dialog --defaultno --yesno "Rundown the database now?" 0 0
		then `$gtm_dist/mupip rundown -r "*"`

--gra'pa Z 12:25, 13 May 2005 (CDT)
--Zeno 02:15, 28 Jul 2005 (CDT) Ok, I tested above script and whenever the "run database now" option comes, I can not select "yes"! Any hints? Please also refer to my questions here
--gra'pa Z 14:02, 5 Sep 2005 (CDT) I don't understand your problem, Zeno. Has anyone else had any further experience with this script? I've rechecked it, and it cut-and-paste from here works fine for me. It does require dialog. It's advantage is that it runs nicely in terminal mode.

Porting from Cache' to GT.M

Port VO 8-16-05 Release to GTM

Samuel Fontanez' Installation Guide

Anyone that is begining working with vista and want
documentation about installing vista,GT.M, adding
patients,users,wards,beds, and assign patients to beds
and to wards can contact us here in puerto rico. We
had created a documentation on how to do that with the
help of all people in the forum. It is not much but it
help us a lot and we want to share it with any user
that want it.
Thanks to all,

GTM installation

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