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This is a bird's eye view of how to set-up lab in VISTA. For all I know, it may be wrong, as I have never done the lab set-up before.

Before you start

File 69.9 - Laboratory Site

One Entry via Fileman; Important Fields:

  • Institution
  • Hospital location containing OOS
  • Time Order Stamps
  • Which Printers to Use

File 68 - Accession Areas

Entries via Fileman; Important Fields:

  • Subscript to use for each accession area
  • Accession Transform
  • Barcode Algorithm (39 or 128)

File 60 - Adding Lab Tests

  • Add Data Names for each single test: via Menu Option: LRMENU > Supervisor > Lab Liason > DATA
  • Add Lab Test via Fileman; Important Notes
    • Type: BOTH = Input and Output. ie, can be ordered and resulted. Input only: Can be ordered (e.g. Panel). Output only: Can be resulted only. Neither: Can neither be ordered nor resulted. Use to inactivate tests. If test is old but has results, need to change it to just Output; otherwise, results will disappear from the CPRS screen.
    • A lab test can be single or a panel ("cosmic").
    • Panels, Micro tests, Anatomic Pathology tests don't get data names
    • Single tests needs unique data names
    • All tests need unique print name
    • Unique Accession #: Collect in different tubes
    • Lab Collection Sample or Collection Sample (2 different fields): Default Sample for MD to order; if not filled in, MD has to pick.
    • Required Test: Hold Accession # after rollover if test is not resulted.
    • Site/Specimen: Can only be filled if Data Name is filled.
    • Lab Test multiple: if panel, must fill with tests.
    • General Ward Instructions: Message to display to MD when ordering
    • Combine test during order: Give same or different order numbers if multiple tests are ordered from CPRS

File 68.2 - Workload List

  • Like accession area (it points to it) but you select the lab tests that will be done by instruments. E.g. If HZZ machine does the CBC, you would make a hematology worklist.


Using the Lab Package

The main menu is LRMENU; to accession a test ordered by OE/RR, using LR IN (Accessioning Menu); to result a test, use LR DO! (Process data in lab menu). Micro is done via LRMI (Micro menu).