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What is Astronaut VistA

Astronaut VistA Installer Suite is a package that installs one of several different versions of VistA (currently available versions are Astronaut WorldVistA, dEWDrop edition) in an integrated fashion.

Astronaut packages servers, clients, and auxiliary modules so that they are able to function together seamlessly. Its preferred Windows client, tested in private-sector clinical, is TMG-CPRS. Its configuration assistant is VistA-Config. These are both present in an easy-to-use Windows client (.exe) installer. (Additional client modules are bundled as well.)

Astronaut also has added many, many enhancements to VistA for use in the private sector.

Reasons to use Astronaut VistA

  • Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) integrated in tmg-CPRS.
  • Tested for years in real clinical environments by real clinicians.
  • Clinically relevant features added often.
  • Mixed typefaces, bold, italic, underline notes.
  • Embedded images in notes including consent signatures.
  • Template math.
  • Easy client and server installer.
  • tmg-CPRS based user registration with EPCS address enforcement.
  • VistA-based, WorldVistA-based, dEWDrop based, GT.M based.
  • Label printing.
  • tmg-CPRS easy demographic editing.
  • Printed page numbering.
  • Standard filesystem layout.
  • Built to support multiple instances on the same server.
  • Easy migration to a new server.
  • Can install on nearly any Linux even the latest in the cloud.
  • Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) from multiple locations.
  • Out of the box nightly backup.
  • Can build VM's easily.
  • Cohort form letters.
  • tmg-CPRS record access history logging and use by user.
  • VistA Commander, easy bash script controls.
  • Client session manager, can redirect clients to another server easily.
  • Supports EWD. EWD plugin available (does not have the latest EWD currently).
  • Plugin architecture.
  • Client encryption out of the box.
  • Actively developed.
  • Surescripts certified.
  • Treatment plans.
  • 'Foreign' account and record numbers supported manually.

Where can I get Astronaut VistA ?

Server: The AstronautVistA website contains instructions for the repositories (for .deb packages or .rpm packages) for use with package managers (such as apt-get and yum). (The older Sourceforge server packages have been deleted.)

Windows Client: Download the Windows client installer (.exe) from Sourceforge.

Installation Instructions

Server functions

The VistA server functions are generally configured from a text interface. The VistA server is very flexible and powerful, and therefore can seem complex to customize and daunting for new users.

Astronaut Features

Depending on the version of Astronaut used, these features may be available:

  • Medsphere OVID - A MUMPS to Java bridge system.
  • TMG CPRS - An improved version of CPRS that allows the ability to add patients directly. Has an integrated web browser.
  • EWD -- A MUMPS/GT.M/M21 to Java, PHP, and ASP bridge that allows web browsers to interface with the VistA server directly (without CPRS).
  • M2Web -- a web-based interface to the VistA server routines

Other Resources

Older Instructions

These instructions are considered obsolete but contain a wealth of information not covered elsewhere.