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A proper VISTA installation will have a bunch of recurring tasks (like linux cron jobs or mac launchd jobs) that ensure that the database remains clean and periodic stuff is completed. For example, the TIU recurring task makes sure that everything is signed; otherwise it will send a notification. Another example: Scratch globals for storing temporary data can get very large. A daily task (XQ XUTL $J NODES) cleans them up.

Tasks running by default in WV but need to be removed

Cache Only Jobs

(Use if you are running WV on Cache; remove if you are running GT.M)

GT.M Only Jobs

  • Important XU PROC CNT CLUP --> (Task number cleaner) Need if you use GT.M. Run every hour.

Start-up Jobs

Recurring Tasks (dependent on VistA System Manager Policies)

  • DG G&L RECALCULATION AUTO --> Calculate Gains and Losses for the previous day. Run after midnight to get the previous day's data.
  • DGJ IRT UPDATE (Background) --> Incomplete Records Tracking Background Job.
  • DGPF BACKGROUND PROCESSING --> For PRF: To trigger Patient Record Flags reviews.
  • DMSQ PROJECT --> (only if running SQLI) (for e.g. Fileman Projection; to regenerate projection files)
  • FHADMR2A --> Dietetics: Calculate NPO/Trays
  • HL PURGE TRANSMISSIONS --> HL7: Clear HL7 logs which can get too big
  • HL TASK RESTART --> HL7: Restart/Start All Links and Filers
  • HL AUTOSTART LINK MANAGER --> HL7: Autostart Link Manager
  • NEW HLO COUNT RECORDS --> This option will run daily on off-hours to count records in files 777 & 778.
  • LRTASK CONJAM --> For Lab: Set up Controls on Accession Lists
  • LRTASK LAB --> For Lab: Start up background processing routine
  • LRTASK NIGHTY --> For Lab: various tasks
  • LRTASK ROLLOVER --> For Lab: Roll forward unverified accessions. Important!
  • NEW LA7TASK NIGHTLY --> For Lab: LEDI various cleanup functions.
  • ORMTIME RUN CHECK --> For CPRS: Check that ORMTIME RUN is running
  • ORMTIME RUN --> For CPRS: Send notifications for expiring orders
  • NEW[[OPTION OR EPCS CS RX BY PROVIDER|OR EPCS CS RX BY PROVIDER] --> Required report for CS usage per DEA.
  • PSA IV ALL LOCATIONS --> PSA (only if running package): Compile Data for all Rxs
  • NEW [[OPTION PSB PX BCMA2PCE TASK|PSB PX BCMA2PCE TASK] --> Record Immunizations in V Imm if Imm documented in BCMA.
  • PSD PURGE --> PSD (only if running package): purge CS worksheet file.
  • NEW PSGW PURGE INVENTORY --> This option purges the ^PSI(58.19,"AINV") global. Inventory information that is over 100 days old is removed.
  • NEW PSGW UPDATE AMIS STATS --> The purpose of the option is to loop through the "temporary" inventory global and move the data into the AMIS sub-file.
  • PSJI BACKGROUND JOB (IV) --> (only if running package): Compile cost data.
  • PSJU BRJ (UD) --> (only if running package): Nightly clean up.
  • NEW PSJU PLAPS --> (only if running package): Purge pick lists.
  • PSO AMIS COMPILE --> For OP: Compile Out Rx Statistics
  • PSO AUTOCANCEL --> For OP: Cancel Out Rx for Inpatients residing longer than 3 days
  • PSO COSTDAY NIGHTJOB --> For OP: Compile Rx costs
  • PSO EXPIRE PRESCRIPTIONS --> For OP: Expire Prescriptions: Important!!!
  • PSO MGMT NIGHTLY COMPILE --> For OP: More compilation stuff.
  • PSO PNDEL1 --> For OP: Delete from Suspense
  • SDAM BACKGROUND JOB --> Update appointment statuses.
  • TIU NIGHTLY TASK --> VERY IMPORTANT: Needed for TIU to function. Various functions
  • XMAUTOPURGE --> For MM: Delete unreferenced Messages
  • XMCLEAN --> For MM: Delete 'Deleted' messages
  • NEW XMMGR-PURGE-AI-XREF --> For MM: This option maintains the "AI" cross reference of mail messages. This is the cross reference of messages received across the network and it prevents duplicate messages from being received again.
  • XMPURGE-BY-DATE --> to delete old messages (not needed --> based on disk space) 'Whether this option should be scheduled, or whether XMAUTOPURGE or XMPURGE should be scheduled instead depends on the policy of the VistA System Manager'
  • NEW XQALERT DELETE OLD --> (NOT RECOMMENDED.) Remove Alerts which remain in the User file after a period of at least two weeks.
  • XQBUILDTREEQUE --> Somewhat important -> rebuild menus daily
  • XQ XUTL $J NODES --> VERY IMPORTANT -> needed to clean ^TMP, ^XTMP, ^UTILITY.
  • NEW XTRMONITOR -> Monitor Routines for Changes (may be Cache only...)
  • XUAUTODEACTIVATE --> Auto-deactivate users who haven't signed on in 90 days.
  • XUERTRP AUTO CLEAN --> Auto-clean error trap (for errs older than 7 days)
  • XUSAZONK --> Purge Failed Access Attempts and Programmer Mode Access.
  • XUSCZONK --> For Kernel: Purge Sign in log.
  • NEW XUSERAOLD --> Purges all inactive access and verify codes which are more than 270 to 400 days old. This will allow for the recycling of codes after a minimum of 3 changes.
  • XUSFACHK --> Check Failed accesses and send mail if too many
  • XUTM QCLEAN --> Clean Task File. Keep only last 7 days of completed tasks.