Transplant Cleanup

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Statement of Problem

A VISTA system when transplanted from one system to another needs to be cleaned up so it can work on the destination system.


This is a potential descructive operation leading to loss of data.


  1. Kill ^%ZOSF
  2. Run ^ZTMGRSET
    1. On vxVISTA set ^%ZOSF("ZVX")="VX[S]" by hand
  3. Run ^DINIT
  5. Change 14.5, 14.6 and 14.7 to match the settings of UCI and VOL.
  6. Delete refs to Volumes in Device File
  7. Edit Volume Set in Kernel System Parameters subfile
  8. Remove CPU,VOL in Mailman Site Parameters
  9. Clean Taskman globals (see below)
  10. If you move between Operating systems, you may need to do the following:
    1. Change Primary HFS directory in the Kernel
    2. Change HFS file entry
  11. If you switch between GT.M and Cache or vv, do this:
    1. On the HFS entry, change (newversion) to "NWS" or vv.
    2. If you have a browser entry in the device file, that may need to be changed too.

There is *more stuff* to be done if you need to set up a sentient VISTA instance. For now, that's enough.

Taskman globals clean-up

    1. Kill ^%ZTSCH and ^%ZTSK if you don't care what the system was previously doing; then Re-index all of the indexes on 19.2.
    2. Or Clean up ^%ZTSCH and ^%ZTSK manually if you care what they contained.

To clean manually, do the following steps: 1. Delete volume references in 19.2 for all entries. 2. Run the following commands:

S X=0 F  S X=$O(^%ZTSK(X)) Q:'X  S $P(^(X,0),"^",11)=UCI
S X=0 F  S X=$O(^%ZTSK(X)) Q:'X  S $P(^(X,0),"^",12)=VS

You can also clean the starup node if the startup tasks are incorrect. You will need to reschedule them in the Schedule/Unschedule option.


After you are done, run ^ZTMCHK first and MAKE SURE ALL FIELDS ARE FILLED OUT. FYI: ^ZTMCHK DOES NOT check value sanity. It only checks value presence. You should make sure that every field has a value listed. If not, most likely you have something misconfigured.

After you are done, run ^ZTMB to start taskman.