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I'm Seeking information on comparing design principles of VistA to other open source healthcare software systems. I'm developing taxonomy of open source HC software.

I've been looking at the software engineering principles for the OpenEHR project in Australia based on the GEHR framework and I'm wondering if similar documents on the VistA architecture principles are available. I'm currently looking at the very high conceptual level of the systems - ex: how systems fit the healthcare domain, stakeholders, functions etc.

There were very interesting discussions of OpenEHR describing the use of "archetypes" for the design framework. Can anyone comment on the relationship, or lack thereof between this type of design thinking and VistA? Any information would be greatly appreciated. -Lorie Links for the openEHR project follow:

Here is a link to openEHR FAQ on archetypes: [1] This document includes a discussion of "single level" methodologies(page 3-5) and an illustration of the archetype model meta architecture on page 14 : [2] There is a full discussion of the archetypes principles (69 pages worth) here:[3]