VISTA System Management Daily or Weekly Tasks

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The VISTA system, like any other database, needs to be monitored appropriately. I will mention here database related monitoring and then VISTA related monitoring. Many of the tasks that are inexpensive to check are better checked with a continuous such as Nagios or Munin.

Database monitoring

  • Global growth rate
  • Lock table consumption
  • Daily back-up is happening daily; weekly check that the backup that was made can actually bring the system back-up
  • Journal file growth rate
  • Back-up and Journal file rotation (delete old ones based on business requirements)
  • Database blocks integrity checks

Other system

  • Check disk space for all partitions
  • Check printer queues
  • # of processes
  • Processes consuming 100% of a single CPU that are running for more than 1 hour
  • Network latency for all major network nodes in which the database is spread out; and from where it is usually accessed by users.

VISTA Specific

  • Taskman performance, especially:
    • Resource Devices
    • Printer Devices
  • Global growth by specific Fileman file
  • HL7 messages continuous flow
  • Error trap
  • Taskman error trap
  • Check ^TMP, ^XTMP and ^%ZTSK making sure that they are appropriately purged daily
  • Check programmer mode log-ins
  • Check excessive log-ins from a single location
  • Check that nightly tasks ran (can be ignored as long as there are no history of problems)
  • Mailman
    • Check disk usage
    • Check user's usages
    • Check queues to make sure that they are not backed up
  • Check Alerts
    • How many?
    • Who isn't processing them?
    • System (errors) or Clinical Alerts?
  • PIMS Reports
    • Potential duplicate patients recently entered
    • Patient movements that are incomplete (I don't know how to do that)