VistA Clinical Scheduling Utility

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The VistA Clinical Scheduling utility may advertise itself (at startup) as using port 10501, but it has been altered to use port 9260 (just like the other Astronaut client modules).

  • After starting, if an "Unable to connect to VistA" error appears, then click the "Retry" button. A Configuration screen will appear. Enter:
RPMS server address:
Server Port: 9260

Use the IP address in place of the RPMS server address, which will route communications through the secure PuTTY SSH connection tunnel. (An alternative is to use the IP address of the VistA server, such as, here, as well, but that would not be a secure connection.) Always use Server Port 9260 (not 10501).

  • When prompted for the RPMS Access Code and RPMS Verify Code, use the VistA Access Code and VistA Verify Code established for your user (e.g. sys.admin / vista!123 for the initial administrator, as above).