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WorldVistA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a website at

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WorldVistA is an not-for profit that provides the WorldVistA EHR, an open source implementation of the Veteran Administration's Electronic Health Record system intended for use in health care facilities outside the VA.<ref>Template:Cite web</ref><ref>Template:Cite web</ref>

Customizable functions

The structure of WorldVistA EHR is modular, and a wide variety of customization is possible. Because it is fully open source, this can be done without restriction (although CCHIT certification is granted only to the officially maintained package).

  • ability to interface to existing practice management / billing systems, lab services and other applications
  • scanning and inclusion of scanned documents into the medical record
  • prescription finishing and faxing
  • clinical quality measure reporting capabilities
  • support for disease management, using clinical reminders
  • templates for obstetrics/gynecology (OB/GYN) and pediatrics care

Server platforms


For Linux-based servers, the WorldVistA EHR server uses the (free open source) Fidelity GT.M MUMPS database, available as an integrated package along with WorldVistA EHR Server. This software is part of the VistA Public Domain software, and does not require licensing. The YottaDB software is backwards compatible to GT.M, and can also be used as a software base for WorldVistA EHR.

VistA from the VA, as well as WorldVistA EHR has been implemented on Linux servers with the Caché MUMPS database which requires a database license and software from Intersystems Corporation.

MS Windows

For Windows-based servers, WorldVistA EHR has been implemented used the commercial Caché MUMPS database, which requires a database license and software from Intersystems Corporation.

Mac OS

For Mac OS-X-based servers, a development effort ported GT.M (and the Server software) to the Mac OS platform.

Client platforms

The Client software is an implementation of CPRS, which is Windows-based. This allows Windows terminals to access the central server database. This software is part of the VistA Public Domain software, and does not require licensing.

For Linux terminals, CPRS can be run as a Wine package or from within a virtual machine. CodeWeavers has made changes to Wine that enhances this work.

A separate (Windows-based) module is available to capture and view vital signs as well as graphing of other clinical data. This is meant to be used on client PCs.

A separate (Windows-based) module allows the scanning, capture and integration of paper documents as part of an individuals medical record. It can also be used to add a variety of non-diagnostic quality images to the medical record. This is meant to be used on client PCs.

Development history

WorldVistA EHR is developed by a series of physicians (and other medical professionals) and software professionals that donate their efforts as volunteers. This group is organized around the Hardhats mailing-list, and loosely refer to themselves as Hardhats following the traditions of the VA Hardhats and continues to do so. The name of the project was officially changed to WorldVistA EHR.

WorldVistA has developed and distributes a "toaster" version of WorldVistA EHR, which is a self-contained software package that integrates both the MUMPS database (GT.M version) and the VistA software.<ref name=fourSlice>Template:Cite web</ref>

In 2009, the self-installing Linux toaster version was enhanced with a GUI-based patient registration module, web interface, and other enhancements, and incorporated into a self-installing package for both Debian/Ubuntu and Red Hat Linux. This freely available version of WorldVistA is known as Astronaut VistA. This version is packaged with both an enhanced GUI as well as a web interface (which allows connection through an intranet or through the Internet). An introduction to this package is here in a PDF slide presentation.Template:Dead link

A similar package for Windows-based servers is in alpha (early development) stage.Template:When

OSEHRA was instrumental in putting a copy of VistA onto the platform. A similar github repository exists for WorldVistA EHR as well.

A docker image for WorldVistA EHR version 3.0 was created in 2018 and is available for use with the Docker program from


  • Arizona-based Clinica Adelante implemented the open source version of VistA for its 30,000 member community health clinic, and has testified before the US Congress regarding its success.<ref>Template:Cite web</ref>
  • Oroville Hospital is installing the WorldVistA version into a co-ordinated hospital and clinic system.Template:Citation needed
  • Central Regional Hospital in North Carolina, is a psychiatric hospital that first adopted VistA in the early 2010s, and uses the WorldVistA EHR system as its base system, with local modifications.



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