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Medsphere is a private company that was initially established by several physicians to provide an open-source version of the public-domain VistA platform. Due to early management and organizational problems, however, a proprietary version was developed instead, and a significant backlash developed against the company from the open source co-operative community (which had been instrumental in developing OpenVistA).

Medsphere soon realized that without the co-operation of the VistA community-at-large and a return to the values of the open source community, its support was in jeopardy.

It has therefore again started to develop a "community" open-source version of OpenVistA.

While Medsphere has integrated the proprietary Cache version of the MUMPS database into its enterprise version, it has now begun to package the open source GT.M version of MUMPS into a new version (as WorldVistA has done).

  • Pros: Paid support available. Active development team.
  • Pros: The OpenVistA-CIS client (an analogue of CPRS written in Gtk instead of Delphi) can run not only in Windows, but also in Linux (and soon Mac) environments as well.
  • Cons: Development is mostly controlled and dominated by a single company.

OpenVistA with GT.M

Installing OpenVista with GT.M on Ubuntu/Debian

OpenVistA provides an Ubuntu/Debian (.deb) package from its own repositories.

Installing OpenVista with GT.M using Astronaut

The integrated Astronaut installer can be used to install the OpenVistA server as well as CPRS (and other) client packages.