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The WorldVista OpenForum Wiki welcomes the following users to our support community about the VistA system:

User Name: User:Jazzy              Given Name: Warren Kelly
User Name: User:Lobal              Given Name: Lorie Obal
User Name: User:JimY               Given Name: Jim Yahr
User Name: User:AEC                Given Name: Ann Watermark
User Name: User:Rwxrwx             Given Name: Tom Carter
User Name: User:Enrique            Given Name: Enrique Meneses
User Name: User:Foxnetradio        Given Name: Ed Brundage
User Name: User:RCR                Given Name: Chris Richardson
User Name: User:Coliny             Given Name: Colin Yang
User Name: User:EdmondCisse        Given Name: Edmond Cisse
User Name: User:BenGuldborg        Given Name: Ben Guldborg
User Name: User:DennisBallance     Given Name: Dennis Ballance
User Name: User:LWells             Given Name: Lee Wells
User Name: User:Leblum             Given Name: Lee Ellen Buenconsejo-Lum
User Name: User:Mpzacharias        Given Name: Michael Zacharias 
User Name: User:Mshroed            Given Name: Mark Schroeder
User Name: User:GraysonFerrante    Given Name: Grayson Ferrante
User Name: User:Gmartinson         Given Name: Greg Martinson 
User Name: User:Sribhat            Given Name: Sridhar Bhat
User Name: User:RalphCraig         Given Name: Ralph Craig
User Name: User:Hkanchiraju        Given Name: Hanumanth Kanchiraju
User Name: User:ScottCasler        Given Name: Scott Casler
User Name: User:Cdow               Given Name: Chris Dow
User Name: User:Gmartinson         Given Name: Greg Martinson
User Name: User:BradyMiller        Given Name: Brady Miller

Note: a user is taken off this list when they create their user page on the wiki. To make this simpler, each name on this page links to the user page for that user. These pages cannot be edited until someone successfully signs in, therefore, until then, it is assumed that they have not successfully signed in.

We also are awaiting more information from the following potential users: (we need #1 Given Name #2 User Name #3 e-mail address #4 telephone number )

  • Ashfaq
  • Marc Aylesworth
  • Mike Ginsburg
  • Terry Hamel

The following people are potential users of the wiki, because of messages to the hard-hats mailing list, but have not actually requested user access. If you are on this list, and do not intend to have a user login on this wiki, I ask that you send e-mail to whitten at so that I may remove your name from this list. If you already have a user login on the wiki, feel free to remove your name.

  • Mark Amundson
  • Elsie Casugay
  • Eva Delaney
  • Roy Gaber
  • Matthew King
  • Marc Krawitz
  • Greg Kreis
  • Thomas Holloway
  • Mark Painter
  • Douglas M. Preiser
  • Ruben Safir
  • Richard Schilling

Successful Login

User Name: User:Mschrom            Given Name: Mike Schrom
User Name: User:MadanBellam        Given Name: Madan Bellam
User Name: User:WilliamGerken      Given Name: William Gerken
User Name: User:Ismet              Given Name: Ismet B. Kursunoglu
User Name: User:Mukachi            Given Name: Muthia Kachirayan