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VistA related events

VistA related events are sponsored by:
  WorldVistA (see )
  VISTA Expertise Network (see )

  The belated OSEHRA Trade Organization no longer has events,
  because they have closed.    (see )

VistA related documentation

is available at:
  VDL        (see )
  MUMPS Books 


If you would also like to participate in a discussion re VistA,
there is a discord chat server at (Invalid Link:
which you might want to visit, and just leave open and minimized 
on your desktop or browser until you have a question.
Alternately, you could leave it open and read answers to questions
as they come up as people discuss things.


There are currently (13-JULY-2020) the following text and voice channels:

  • general (Text Channel)
  • vista-questions (Text Channel)
  • mumps-questions (Text Channel)
  • unrelated (Text Channel)
  • newbies-help-questions (Text Channel)
  • covid19 (Text Channel)
  • general (Voice Channel)