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WorldVistA is a direct descendant of the VA's VistA EHR system, with many of the original architects of VistA (the HardHats) still contributing and supervising WorldVistA's development.

The philosophy of WorldVistA is to always provide a free open-source platform (as consistent as possible with the public-domain nature of the VA's VistA platform) while enhancing and furthering development in a co-operative fashion.

WorldVistA uses the open source version of the MUMPS database. GT.M. WorldVistA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Installing WorldVistA using Astronaut

The integrated Astronaut installer can be used to install the WorldVistA server as well as CPRS (and other) client packages.

    • Pros: Easiest to install, standards-based, most all-in-one solution available. Some bugs such as IPv6 are fixed. Enables use, collaboration and development. Probably the best choice for newcomers, those not interested in installation details, and developers. Has Virtual machine/Windows version. Both server and client installers are available.
    • Cons: Could be more modular. Currently Beta, but evolving quickly. WorldVistA version is not the official WorldVistA EHR Release.

WorldVistA Toasters

    • Pros: Virtual machine-based, some convenience, can run on Windows. Demonstrates concepts.
    • Cons: Virtual machine-based, so integration, migration, and upgrades might be an issue.
    • Pros: Architecture more conducive to ASP model.
    • Cons: Patches for clinical client support are lacking. Requires more expertise to install.

WorldVistA manual installation

    • Pros: Official WorldVistA release. Perform and understand the raw basics of a VistA installation.
    • Cons: Installation requires familiarity with computer systems, requires separate installation of clients.