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Note: this page is intended to be a link to wiki pages corresponding to installation, configuration and documentation of each of the VistA Packages. It has been a target for spammers, and is therefore protected.



Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT)

Electronic Wait List


Pharmacy Prescription Practices (PPP)

Ambulatory Care Reporting

Functional Independence Measurement (FIM)

Mental Health

Primary Care Management Module (PCMM)

Beneficiary Travel

Group Notes



Care Management

Home Based Primary Care (HBPC)


Quality Audiology Speech Anal & Rpting (QUASAR)

Clinical Case Registries

Immunology Case Registry (ICR)

Patient Care Encounter (PCE)

Radiology / Nuclear Medicine

Clinical Procedures

Incomplete Records Tracking (IRT)

Pharmacy Automatic Replenish / Ward Stock (AR/WS)


Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS)

Intake and Output

Pharmacy Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA)

Remote Order Entry System (ROES)

CPRS Adverse Reaction Tracking (ART)

Laboratory Anatomic Pathology

Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM)


CPRS Authorization Subscription Utility (ASU)

Laboratory Blood Bank

Pharmacy Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy

Social Work

CPRS Clinical Reminders

Laboratory Blood Bank Workarounds

Pharmacy Controlled Substances

Spinal Cord Dysfunction

CPRS Consult/Request Tracking

Laboratory Electronic Data Interchange (LEDI)

Pharmacy Data Management (PDM)


CPRS Health Summary

Laboratory Emerging Pathogens Initiative

Pharmacy Drug Accountability

VISTA Imaging System

CPRS Problem List

Laboratory National Laboratory Tests/ LOINC Request Form

Pharmacy Electronic Claims Management Engine (ECME)

Visual Impairment Service Team (VIST)

CPRS Text Integration Utility (TIU)

Laboratory Universal Interface

Pharmacy Inpatient Medications

Vitals / Measurements



Pharmacy National Drug File (NDF)

Women's Health


Lexicon Utility

Pharmacy Outpatient Pharmacy


Capacity Management Tools

Kernel Delphi Components (KDC)

Minimal Patient Dataset (MPD)

SlotMaster (Kernel ZSLOT)

Duplicate Record Merge- Patient Merge

Kernel Installation and Distribution System (KIDS)

Name Standardization

SQL Interface (SQLI)

Electronic Error and Enhancement Reporting (E3R)

Kernel Toolkit

National Online Information Sharing (NOIS)

Standard Files and Tables


Kernel Unwinder

National Patch Module

Statistical Analysis of Global Growth (SAGG)

FileMan Delphi Components (FMDC)

List Manager

Network Health Exchange (NHE)

Survey Generator

HL7 (VistA Messaging)

M-to-M Broker

Patient Data Exchange (PDX)

VistA Data Extraction Framework (VDEF)

Institution File Redesign (IFR)


Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Broker

XML Parser (VistA)


Master Patient Index (MPI)

Resource Usage Monitor


Accounts Receivable (AR)

Engineering (AEMS / MERS)


Patient Representative

Auto Safety Incdnt Surv Trak Sys (ASISTS)

Enrollment Application System

Incident Reporting

Personnel and Accounting Integrated Data (PAID)

Automated Information Collection System (AICS)

Equipment / Turn-In Request

Income Verification Match (IVM)

Police and Security

Automated Medical Information Exchange (AMIE)

Event Capture

Integrated Billing (IB)

Quality Management Integration Module

Clinical Monitoring System

Fee Basis

Integrated Patient Funds

Record Tracking

Compensation & Pension Records Interchange (CAPRI)

Generic Code Sheet (GCS)


Release of Information (ROI) Manager

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)

Health Eligibility Center (HEC)

Missing Patient Register

Veterans Identification Card (VIC/PICS)

Decision Support System (DSS) Extracts

Hospital Inquiry (HINQ)

Occurrence Screen

Voluntary Service System (VSS)

Diagnostic Related Group (DRG) Grouper