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This wiki covers questions regarding the VistA software, the various components of that software, and Configuration and installation of the same. It incorporates information from many people. We have been repeatedly vandalized by people trying to advance their google page rank, hence this is now a closed community wiki.

To get access, contact David Whitten ( whitten at worldvista.org ) through an e-mail,
or phone 713 870 3834 to get an account.
Please send a contact telephone number with your e-mail, and/or
have an e-mail address ready when you call. (I need both.)
Please decide on your preferred User name.
We have provided a page for new users and their current status.
Thank you.  

Configuration is the process of changing details about a VistA package. These details are fine level controls over the behaviour of the package.

Overview of VistA

Programming VistA Topics

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Projects Information

Installation Guides

Installation of VistA Demos

Configuration of Packages

Volunteer Opportunities with WorldVistA

Working Groups

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Weekly Conference Calls

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