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RPMS Installation on Cache

RPMS Port and Installation on GT.M


Pharmacy: Inpatient Pharmacy Set-up

Pharamcy: Ward Stock Set-up

Pharmacy: Controlled Substances Package Set-up

Pharmacy: KIDS Drug File

Pharmacy: How to enter a drug in VISTA

Pharmacy: NDC Rules etc.


Taskman Tasks

Debugging Taskman Tasks

Taskman Internals

Sys Admin

Adding new Users to VISTA

Cleaning up a Transplanted RPMS or VISTA system

Setting up a VISTA Printer

Setting up Mailman for External Email

Basic GT.M Journaling Instructions

VISTA Automatic Sign-on

VISTA Set-up starting from scratch

VISTA XWB Broker Troubleshooting

VISTA System Management Daily or Weekly Tasks

Set up the Fileman Browser


Sam tries to set up Lab


CPRS Configuration: Order Checks

CPRS Configuration: Notifications

Turn off Remote Data Order Checking

Running CPRS on Linux via Wine


Patient Merge Set-up and Use in VISTA

TLS Enable a VISTA Service

Fileman Internals

Copying devices from another environment

Master File Server controlled files

List of known issues with modern Terminal Emulators and VISTA

Bulk of rename of Routines using Command Line tools

Use GNU Parallel to load and import a new database to GT.M

Enhanced ZSTEP to detect variable changes or print code

Events Drivers in VistA

Mumps Classes

  • Class 1 (Intro, History and Features of M)
  • Class 2 (Structure of Language, variables, etc)
  • Class 3 (Operators)
  • Class 4 (Strings and String Functions ($A, $C, $TR, $L, $P, $E, $F)
  • Class 5 (String pattern matching operator (?), Read, Write Set)
  • Class 6 (Read, Write, Set, Kill)
  • Class 7 (Do, If, $Test)
  • Class 8 (For loop)
  • Class 9 (Routine Walkthrough; debugging with native GT.M and TMGIDE)
  • Class 10 (Routine Walkthrough; $Reference and naked global references
  • Class 11 (Stack, Symbol Table, effect of Do and Goto; New)
  • Class 12 (Extrinsic Functions; passing parameters)
  • Class 13 ($Order and $Data)
  • Class 14 ($Query, $QS and $QL)
  • Class 15 (Indirection, Xecute, $Get, $Text)
  • Class 16 ($Text, $Name, $Random, $Reverse etc)
  • Class 17 (Locks)
  • Class 18 (Devices: Files, Null, Terminal, TCP)
  • Class 19 (Devices: Pipe; using ^%ZIS)
  • Class 20 (Job command; Transactions in Mumps)
  • Class 21 (Error Processing in Mumps)

Fileman API Classes

  • Class 1 (Intro, ^DIR, ^DIC, ^%DT, ^%DTC, ^XLFDT)
  • Class 2 (EN^DDIOL, %RCR, EN1^DIP, ^DIE, ^DIK)

Student Projects